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New Employee Bonus.... $400 paid to new employees who successfully complete their probationary period. 

As a faith-driven organization, we are committed to offering compassionate, individual-focused support to those facing homelessness, trauma, addiction, and various life challenges. Through our residential and emergency housing programs, as well as community services providing food and clothing, we strive to meet the diverse needs of individuals and families. Our mission of Restoring Hope and Changing Lives is achieved through enhanced services, implementing best practices, and spreading the message of the Gospel.

What may surprise you is our dedication to serving our employees alongside our community. Our team members have a lot of great things to say about us, but agree that our top values are Family, Faith, Compassion, Community, and Stewardship. It's no wonder we've been honored with the Rochester Top Workplace Award 3x! At Open Door Mission, we understand that supporting our staff is critical to fulfilling our mission effectively.

We ensure competitive salaries based on thorough industry, location, and company size research. Additionally, our comprehensive benefits package includes up to 5 weeks of paid vacation, 1 week of sick leave, 10 holidays, and a healthcare plan covering dental and vision care with a generous 70% employer contribution towards medical premiums.

Even part-time employees benefit, with eligibility for 100 hours of vacation and 1 week of sick leave. Moreover, all staff members have access to 8 counseling sessions annually through our employee assistance program.

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We understand the work we do can be physically and emotionally draining. In return for working with us, our employees receive EAP services, voluntary insurance policies, and a free meal. Our full time employees have the added benefit package that includes health, dental, vision, life insurance, short term and long term disability.

For serious consideration of any posted job description, each applicant is required to complete an Application for Employment and General Questionnaire. Please send resumes by email indicating which job you would like to apply for to