This Women & Children’s Residential Program is a person-centered Christian program designed to address individual crisis situations through strengthening families. It offers a safe, comprehensive and dignified environment. This program helps women develop a plan for sustainable living which may include medical, vocational, and academic assessments as well as training in parenting, nutrition, job readiness, money management and self care. For more information, call (585)325-3253.
CONTACT: For more information on this program contact Teraisa at or (585) 645-0705

What Successes has Our Coldwater Residential Home for Women and Children Experienced Since August 2018?


1. Since opening we have remained at full to capacity (8-11 families at a time).

2. We have maintained an active wait list (we also offer referrals and assist families with placement in the event that we are at capacity).

3. We have housed over 100 families.

4. Moms are provided with different courses by the case manager and interns such as budgeting, self care, coping skills, and mental health awareness classes.

5. Our dedicated team assist moms with job searching and career readiness skills. Which results in all our residents have gained or increased employment opportunites. 

6.While every situation is different, on average, women and their children stay approximately 3 months in our program. 


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