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Our Mission

The Open Door Mission is a Christian Rescue Mission founded on the belief that with proper resources hope can be restored and lives of impoverished men, women and children of Rochester, New York could be forever changed.

Dear Friends,

2020 was like no other year we have ever seen.  The COVID pandemic took a physical, emotional and financial toll on our community but together, with your help, the Open Door Mission came out stronger than ever.  In 2020, we served more meals than ever, housed more guests than ever and helped more families than ever before.  In the face of so much uncertainty, Open Door Mission was supported by the faith of our supporters and the love of our community.

2020 was an uphill battle for not for profits across the country, particularly in New York State.  I am proud to say that our staff at Open Door Mission rose to the challenge.  We quickly adjusted our protocols and procedures, so that we were able to continue services to those who needed them most.  In March, we began implementing procedures quickly – we provided PPE for our staff, implemented social distancing measures and changed our communal meal service to a grab and go style.  As the pandemic progressed, we administered testing clinics twice a week for guests and staff and safely isolated those who became infected with COVID 19.  

COVID caused us to restructure some of our services while expanding others.  In March, we decided to restructure our clothing program.  While we continue to accept clothing donations and distribute clothing to those in need, we closed our storefront boutique which we had been offering for several years.    We also partnered with Monroe County to move some guests to the Raddison and Rodeway hotels in an effort to keep our numbers low in our shelters and provide for distancing.  We continue to serve up to 30 additional guests daily at the Rodeway Inn.    

When the pandemic began, we braced for a hard financial hit but ended up being overwhelmed by the generosity of our donors who gave and supported us like never before.  It is because of your kindness that we were able to keep our doors open.  

We could not do any of the work we are doing without you – your financial support, your prayers, and your generous donations of food and clothing keep us going and allow us to serve our homeless guest and families.  Thank you for your unprecedented support in 2020 and please continue your prayers of protection over the Open Door Mission through 2021!  May God bless you in the coming year.

With gratitude,

Anna Valeria-Iseman – Executive Director