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2,000. The number of homeless children in our Rochester City School District. Open Door Mission believes this is 2,000 too many and we have strengthened our commitment to improving the lives of Rochester's impoverished by pouring time and financial resources into a new home dedicated to serving women and children.

250 Coldwater Road, Rochester, NY 14624

Women & Children’s Residential Recovery Program
The Women & Children’s Residential Recovery Program is a grace-based Christian life skills rehabilitation and development program designed to address the root causes of generational poverty through strengthening families.

Women & Children’s Clothing Room
The Women & Children’s Clothing Room is a free clothing distribution and resource center that welcomes women and children in crisis or hardship to receive hope and encouragement.

Women & Children’s Community Outreach Program
The Community Outreach Program provides support through groups, classes, case management for residents, as well as neighbors in the community, who lack the structure and stability to succeed in the areas of education, employment, spirituality, and family.


Open Door Mission is scheduled to complete the residence and family programming by 2018. At that time we will open our doors to women and children looking to restore their family unit. Families will take part in programming that teaches them essential communications skills and will strengthen relationships. 

The difference is dignity. At Open Door Mission we open our arms to men, women and children seeking shelter, food or even a little guidance on what steps to take next. We treat each and every one of our guests with the respect and dignity they deserve. No matter the road that got you here, Open Door Mission is here to help.