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CLRP Recovery Philosophy

“As you see it you’ll treat it”

-Michael Dye, Founder, Genesis Process


Recovery from alcohol and drug abuse is possible. At Open Door Mission we support individuals trying to turn their lives around through a residency program and spiritual guidance. Addiction recovery requires healthy relationships and at ODM, we learn to build connections with a network of support that helps life-long recovery take place. 

What we offer: 
-Bible classes & Discipleship
-Case Management
-Genesis Process
-Individual and Group Counseling
-Life Skills (Exercising, Money Management, Job readiness) 
-Medical Services (transportation to apts) 
-Recovery Support Team
-Transitional Living Program 

Holistic Healing

Holistic Approach: We believe that addiction affects 5 areas of a person’s life and a result need treatment 

Spiritual- Recovery rooted in the power of God to change our lives. We admit that we are powerless  
Physical-We have God given bodies that have needs and take time to heal. 
Mental-Addictions distort and damage our brain. Science has shown how drugs and alcohol create new neural pathways that lead to destructive behaviors.  
Emotional- Addiction covers up our emotions and numb us to avoid feelings. We learn how to process our feelings, gauge our recovery and learn the right way to respond to situations with Genesis tools. 
Social- We were made to live in community and have relationships. 
Person Focused: Genesis is tailored to meet specific needs of the individual


How long is the program?
Between nine and twelve months
Can I have a job while in program?
We want our students to stay focused primarily on their recovery program. Students transitioning through graduation will be helped with job skills, resume building, interview practice and job coaching. 
Can I have visitors?
Students that reach phase 2 (4-6 months)  in our program are welcome to have family and friends that are supportive of their recovery visit them at the caring center. Students are encouraged to write letters and can call family after the first phase of program along with their case managers/Genesis Counselors.
Do I have to be a Christian? 
CLRP is open to anyone who is willing and able to work our program, and will receive a large amount of Christian education, without obligation, and requires an open and willing attitude to succeed. 
Is there a detox onsite? 
We refer to and partner with many other recovery agencies, including detox, but are unable to provide those services at our location.

Acceptance into the program is managed on a case-by-case basis and each case is reviewed by the Senior Program Manager and Program Coordinator. 


Shayne Priddy, for admittance into the Addiction Recovery Program

Caring & Donation Center • 156 N. Plymouth Avenue, Rochester, New York 14608