Recovery from alcohol and drug abuse is possible. At Open Door Mission we support individuals trying to turn their lives around through a residency program and spiritual guidance. Addiction is not something that should be fought alone and at ODM we have your back. 

Acceptance into the program is managed on a case-by-case basis and each case is reviewed by the Program Director and Program Manager. 

Howard Revans, hrevans@opendoormission.com for admittance into the Addiction Recovery Program

Caring & Donation Center • 156 N. Plymouth Avenue, Rochester, New York 14608

The difference is dignity. At Open Door Mission we open our arms to men, women and children seeking shelter, food or even a little guidance on what steps to take next. We treat each and every one of our guests with the respect and dignity they deserve. No matter the road that got you here, Open Door Mission is here to help.